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Creating shared understandings

We needed to develop a way to more effectively inform and connect a diverse and growing workforce to support significant business changes. Read more.

Recruitment – In sourcing

A rapidly expanding residential building business, experiencing first hand the challenges of a tightening specialist labor market, with limited internal ability to identify and attract the right talent. Read more.

EBA recognises the needs of the business

A construction supply business had an existing EBA, that was nearing expiry. The agreement could be characterised as being highly prescriptive making it complex to administer... Read more.

People Solutions for Small Business

We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your business by delivering HR advice and solutions tailored to your needs. For our clients who understand the business benefits of getting the people elements right, yet do not have an in-house HR team, we are pleased to introduce our People Solutions for Small Business Program. A program that gives you access to our highly valued consulting services in a cost effective and flexible way, that makes sense for your business.

Small Business Member Program


What is our way of doing things?

We make the complex simple. Through innovative, unique people strategies we solve hard business issues and create new possibilities.

To thrive in today’s fast paced world businesses need bold new thinking around the leadership, capability models and people systems that impact on their ability to deliver the business strategy. We have the minds and experience to design a people centred strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.