Reinventing HR Function

Reinventing the HR Function:
From Transactional to Value Add - Media (Name withheld)

Reinventing HR Function


The trend across all industries sees Human Resource functions under scrutiny to better manage costs, demonstrate effectiveness and show how they add value to the business. The challenge here was to drive significant improvement in the alignment of HR activity to business strategy and in doing so create a desired culture of performance. The company’s HR function, processes and technologies were burdened with high costs, inefficiencies and lacked scalability to support growth plans.


Design and implement a fundamentally different HR Delivery Model and structure.

Analysis was undertaken to uncover the HR services the businesses needed and strategies were developed around how those services could best be delivered. People Solutions partnered with the business to design the target HR operating model and structure. Then project managed the implementation of the new model and led a tailored, culturally relevant restructure program to deliver the change.

In parallel, People Solutions rapidly scaled up specialist project teams to scope, design and implement the frameworks, processes and technologies needed to enable the new HR operating model to thrive. This included a new HR information system, learning & performance management systems, company wide intranet, a national safety management system, and beyond.


Through implementing a leading practice HR Delivery Model, the company is now ideally positioned to achieve significant and strategic benefit from their HR services, rather than routine, administrative transactions. Supporting this, the introduction of integrated HR processes and systems increased consistency, reporting capabilities and access to data for company decision makers. And importantly, the benefits of this complex project impacting over 10,000 employees were realised in accelerated time.