Creating shared understandings



We needed to develop a way to more effectively inform and connect a diverse and growing workforce to support significant business changes. Internal change and communications had always been quite reactive, limited in scope and heavily reliant on email.


Our strategy was to design and develop a new Internet portal, which encouraged greater dynamic content and interaction across the business. We needed a solution that provided a variety of core internet business functions, such as, news, announcements, social activities, directory, policies and procedures, as well as providing more detailed change related communications. The Intranet was developed on SharePoint 2014, to compliment the existing Microsoft stack, and to make use of many ‘out of the box’ functions. The design and scoping process was conducted in-conjunction with staff and key user groups to ensure sufficient input and raise awareness. The launch of the new Intranet was timed one month prior to the ‘go-live’ of a substantial technology change, impacting nearly every role and team across the business.


The Intranet receives significant ‘hits’ per day, with positive feedback from staff across the business. We have experienced first-hand the improvement in the quality of communications, learning materials and interactions across the business and how this has supported the embedding various changes in the business