Merger and Acquisition

Realising True Benefit from an M&A
- Financial Services (Name withheld)

Merger and Acquisition


Actually delivering the intended benefits of a merger or acquisition can be a difficult proposition. The challenge here was to successfully integrate two leading multi-brand businesses whilst preserving the capability and identity of each.


At the outset, clear people strategies were defined to retain critical talent and accelerate the formation of the post-merger operating model and culture.

Four key initiatives were then implemented:

1. Target operating model and structure design

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities were designed to maximise scale and efficiency opportunities, deliver the required benefits whilst maintaining the differentiation needed to deliver unique customer propositions.

2. Tailored restructure program

A culturally relevant restructure program was designed and executed to transition people to roles in the new operating model in a transparent and fair way.

3. Employee relations

Employee relations strategies were identified to remove complexity and achieve standard and consistent employment structures, terms and conditions.

4. Culture change

An employee engagement strategy that pinpointed the most impactful and symbolic initiatives was designed and executed to enable sustained behaviour change.


The benefits of the merger were realised including new market opportunities and newfound efficiencies. This was achieved through both the right operating model and changing the hardest wiring of all in the business; established behavioural and cultural norms and the long held operating mindsets and beliefs. The program was delivered on schedule and business risk arising from the people and cultural aspects of the integration was successfully managed.