Leadership in Times of Change

Leading and communicating change presents one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing business today. Typically change communication strategies and plans are a tactical list of activities such as emails, paraphernalia desk drops or a CEO video message on a company intranet. While these are all important activities, at People Solutions Group, we place greater emphasis on the most valuable and impactful channel… leadership capability.

All too often, change efforts are stifled by leaders who struggle or feel uncomfortable in communicating a clear case for change and engaging their teams in the new direction. To remain competitive, companies need to challenge old norms and adopt creative and fresh new ways to build change management capability within their leaders.

In general, people are not comfortable with change. When they do not feel they have been informed or engaged in the change process, it creates resistance and leads to engagement, productivity and financial impacts for the business. By no means is managing change an exact science, nor is it always a seamless process. We are dealing with people; we are dealing with emotions; we are dealing with shifting embedded norms and traditions.

Where organisations seem to fall down is their ability to communicate and engage with their employees in times of change. Leadership credibility and commitment is the single biggest determining factor for success. The ability to engage in constructive conversation, to deliver a clear case for change, to be authentic and transparent is what organisations keen to bring about real change should be focused on. A leader’s ability to inspire and be genuine to the needs of their people is paramount in embedding key organisational change. Leadership alignment and communication is critical to the success of any change or transformation as their behaviours need to be aligned to the overall business objectives. Companies – now more than ever – should be investing in creative and effective new strategies to build change leaders. Too many change or transformation programs don’t ask the questions, “What is the required leadership capability in leading teams through the change?” and “What is the required leadership communications capability, both in delivering the messages and living the required behaviours?”

People Solutions Group ensures these questions are asked early. Providing leadership coaching sessions, either individual or workshop focused ensures that leaders are equipped to lead their people through the change. We bring our insights, perspective and practical experience to craft the best approach to getting your leader change ready and set up for success.

In times of change people expect information and transparency. People expect integrity and they become more observant of what is said and more importantly what is not said. Companies who fail to see the critical link between the role of a leader and successful change efforts will not only miss the best opportunity to bring about the desired change, they will also miss the positive benefits well led change has on strengthening the employment relationship and on employee commitment to the organisation and its goals.