People Solutions Group’s HR Diagnostic Review

We invest in understanding our client’s business strategy, opportunities and challenges before advising on a path forward.  We develop this understanding by conducting a fact-based diagnostic review to analyse our client’s current people practices and organisational frameworks.  We leverage our domain knowledge in HR, IR and employment law and our depth of experience to deliver a set of recommendations geared to achieving performance and productivity benefits.

There are many HR audits and wellness checks on the market. Generally, these tools are designed to spot compliance risks via a desktop review of key documents, including company employment contracts, policies and procedures.  Whilst legislative obligations must be met, a compliance-only view is inherently narrow and limiting.  Our consulting experience and client interactions indicate that business leaders are searching for a more comprehensive understanding of their current people practices and frameworks to not only reduce risk, but to open up opportunities to create a point of difference in the market.

People Solutions Group has designed a HR diagnostic methodology and framework that reviews people practices, including systems and processes, in each stage of the employment life-cycle.  The review takes into consideration the culture, strategy, organisational structure and workforce profile of the organisation.  We hone in on the ‘pain-points’ in current people and organisational practices that create obstacles and impede client performance.

Our HR diagnostic methodology and framework combines targeted key stakeholder discussions with data and documentation analysis.  By investing the time to fully understand a range of people, performance and organisational factors we deliver a number of benefits to our clients:

  • We provide a prioritised set of recommendations, assessed by risk and impact, to ensure compliance and to strategically lift capability using levers such as performance, talent management, development and reward.
  • We use the unique insights gathered from our analysis to recommend practical solutions that are relevant and can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Where required we also work with our clients as an outsourced HR partner to provide ongoing specialist advice over the long term to help manage complex people issues and challenges.   The insights from the initial HR diagnostic provide us with a valuable baseline of current practices from which to ground our advice.

Whilst our HR diagnostic review covers the full employee life cycle a revised scope can be arranged based on the specific client need.  Contact us to find out more about our methodology and custom designed tools to help you get the most out of your people practices.